Thursday, August 13, 2009

From IXUS to EOS

from 8 mp to 12 mp,
from compact to dslr,
from Ixus to Eos,
from Canon to Canon......

finally after been using compact camera for all my life.....i finally able to take it to the next level....a digital single lens reflex camera also known as DSLR....on 18th july 09, i bought(well, actually my dad bought) a camera known as Canon EOS 450D at Low Yat Plaza.....i sacrificed my evening from watching MU vs Malaysia for this purpose......but its really worth it

with this new camera, i think im ready to improve and enhance my photography skills after years of learning basics and fundamentals of photography from a compact camera.....not to say that compact camera is a piece of junk, but your options are really limited when using it.

i have used many cameras before this one
here are some brief history bout the camera that i worked with...

Olympus Camedia D-390

Canon Ixus 75
Canon Ixus 860IS

Canon Eos 450D(now...)

if you want to see some of the output that i produced by these cameras, you may visit

after aquired this camera, i hope that im able to produce better images, enhance my skills and fill my free time more....
ok....thats all for now.....until the next time.....salam


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