Tuesday, June 23, 2009

return trip to lipis

on the 22nd june, i finally made it to mjsc kuala lipis.....after more than a year i never been there.....and the best part of all....i dont have to take the bus....bawak kete....yeay

my journey begin at 10am after waiting 2 long hours for isyam n the gang to arrive at tmn melati.....well, cant really blame them becoz they're not from kl after all.....we actually arrived at lipis at 12.10(i really cant believe that it only took me 2 hours to get there)....we arrive exactly with the other two groups....(well, not excatly la coz they actually waited for us, hehe).....smpai2 je kat lipis, first thing first, spm certificate n sijil2 tertunggak....

me with izaan

bnyk gile visible changes dlm infrastructure maktab compared to my time there....the changes is mainly due to my batch excellence in spm....the juniors should be very grateful to have the pleasure based from our hardwork....antara benda2 yg baru ialah jambatan ke ds, astaka, kafe baru, susur gajah, ayaq terjun n some other more.....
on the new lipis 'skybridge'

whats the point of going to maktab without seeing your teachers rite?.....after all....they played a very important role in my batch success....we jumpe cikgu and chitchat2 for a very long time....topic? as usual la....how ur life after school, study kat mane, course ape, beza x idop kat mktab n kat u.....smpai citer pasal mara xde duit nk anta student ke oversea pon ada....mmg mcm2 la citer....mklum la..rindu kat cikgu...huhu.....tp bnyk cikgu dh pindah...yg tu je xbest..
our chemistry teacher ckgu azah

miss hanita the head of science department aka physics teacher

we enjoyed ourself too much there until we dont have time to eat.....we finally went back home at 4.30pm after taking our certs, meeting with the teachers and juniors and posing for the camera here and there around the maktab..hehe....
we made history...

we stopped at genting sempah for about 4o mins for my 'lunch'(breakfast, lunch and dinner for the others....hehe) and arrive at kl around 7.20pm.....sori for those who tumpang me coz i cant send u to the nearest komuter station due to the kl's heavy traffic(plus i dun know the way...hehe).....overall, the trip is very fun and really worth it....i really hope that i can go there again...hehe...ok, thats all for now....until the next time...salam


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