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Semester Recap

The title given may seem funny cuz i havent told anything about this semester then out of the blue, i recap may say that i am lazy to update my blog, but it is true.....i have been lazy and keep on neglecting my blog......well, since i am quite free this morning.....i decided to update everything(well not exactly everything....just the key moments) in a whole......i hope this will be the impetus for me to write more often.....

January 2010 - kick off, castle
my semester kicks off when i joined the Minggu Aluan Siswa Jan 10(MAS) in early January...for that, i had to return home from my holiday 2 weeks early......MAS is actually an orientation week for the new students and i joined this as a Media Facilitator, official photographer in specific......i had a very great time during MAS and learned a lot too


During traing for trainer(TOT)

Media Facee

this month also, me and of some of my club's(Medtech Club)buddies went out for a photography outing at Kellie's Castle.....this outing is not just only a photography outing, the event goes on until evening.....after photoshooting at the castle in the morning, we went for lunch at Ipoh, i bought a prime lens(Canon 50mm f/1.8), played bowling, tea at mcd and returned at utp just before dusk......tiring but a very exciting day.....

at Kellie's Castle

at Kellie's Castle Rooftop

Group Photo

February 2010 - geomatics, 2nd runner up, media tour
as a civil engineering students, we need to learn and to be exposed with geomatics.....geomatics is basically a study of land levelling, surveying, slope and coursemates and i were very excited when we are about to use the equipment used for geomatics.....the equipments are very expensive and some can reach up to RM 150k per is actually fun to play around with these equipments.....haha

Setting up the tripod and GPS

During the fieldwork

My group.....Group 7

one of the memorable event that happened during this month is that i won RM500 worth of voucher!!.......i actually won the runner-up prize for the IRC Photo be honest, i actually never give hope whatsoever of winning anything in this competition as the other participants managed to produce a far more magnificent photo......never thought that i would won 2nd it my skill or just my luck?.....hmm

The picture that won 2nd prize

RM 500 worth of voucher!!!

also in this month, i joined media tour for the 2nd tour is organized by Medtech Club to exposed students(who are intrested in media) to the real world of media, animation and broadcasting.....for me, this tour is also for pleasure and releasing stress from the academic life......the tour was magnificent, some of the places we went is MFX Production, Animasia, KL Tower, Sri Pentas Studio, KLCC Sky Bridge and Petronas Gallery......i had a lot of fun during this tour(completely forgot about the 9 lab reports that i had to submit the next day) and i learned a lot too from this tour.....

at Animasia

at Skybridge

at Sri Pentas

March 2010 - KBM and more geomatics
just before our mid-semester break, 1st year civil engineering students need to attend a programme called Keindahan BersamaMu.....its a motivational camp held at Sungkai and it brings a lot of benefits to us physically, mentally and also managed to tighten up the bond among students and create new one as well......

before the session start

KBM at Sungkai

for the whole month of march, we had two more geomatics fielwork.....and we are getting more and more familiar with the equipment of the most interesting fieldwork that we made in this month is Circular Curve where we need to make a smooth and accurate curve on a flat land....the curve length we made is around 60 meters.....

during the fieldwork

that's the curve

April 2010 - fieldtrips
perhaps the most memorable event this semester is the fieldtrips.....yes, not one, but three frieldtrips......the first one is geology fieldtrip, which the best of the three(also the longest and the furthest).....the trip cover three states from perak, kelantan and terengganu in 4 days and 3 nights......among places we visit is gerik, kota bharu, machang, tanah merah, bukit kluang and pulau kapas.....the main objective of the trip is to observe rocks and earth terrain/structures in the real life.....but most of us considered the trip as a vacation since the accomodation is top class....haha
examining the meta-tuff at Gerik

arriving at Pulau Kapas

some leisure activity during at Pulau Kapas

Hot spring at Kg. La

the lecturer explaining about gneiss at Titiwangsa

the second fieldtrip is the geomatics survey camp....its actually not a fieldtrip, but a fieldwork in real life......the location is at Ayer Tawar near we spent 3 days for doing detail survey of the location under real engineers condition(it includes mosquitos) and also presentation......the survey camp is a something to be remebered......
measuring the road

during the fieldwork

BBQ at night

the last fieldtrip is fluid mechanics first i tought we are actually going to Pergau dam in Kelantan.....but eventually, we went to Pergau Dam model in utp......utp has its own model of the dam in order to reconstruct the damage of the dam and to improve the performance of the dam.....this is part of the project was given to utp to handle....
the Pergau dam model in UTP

May 2010 - promotion, study and exam
in this month.....there is nothing much to tell about as we entered the final stage of the semester which is the study week and the examination thing that did happen is that i have been promoted to be the Exco 1 for the Medtech's Creative Multimedia Department for the next session 10/11.....actually, this is my 2nd promotion this semester after i have been appointed as the Head of Photography Team which under Creative Multimedia Department....i never thought that i would ever get this position and the responsibilitiy given to me is very huge as this is one of the largest department in the club.....honestly, i really think that i am not capable enough for this position, but the president and the previous exco has given trust and faith in me and they assure that i will handle this position i took the responsibility given and i will do my best for the department.........

Exco 1 Creative Multimedia Department Session 10/11

right now i am still preparing for the remaining papers for my final exam(4 more papers) and i hope that i can do well for all the remaining papers......and i cant wait for my holiday which will start on 3rd June......but my holidays are cut short as i will return to utp early for convofair preparation(im one of the committee) and also maybe for the MAS July 10......

these are some of the key moments that i able to remember for the whole semester.....maybe there are more things that i forgot to mentioned......but nevertheless......all these is are the best moments that i had this semester......well, thats all for now.......until the next time...salam


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