Sunday, October 11, 2009

Digital Art Competition 09 Final

"Harmonizing Art and Technology"Blockquote
thats the theme for this year Digital Art Competition(DAC) and i can proudly say that im one of the finalists for the photography category.....

my 1st artwork

my 2nd artwork

this is the first time ever that i enter a photography competition and i wasnt expecting anything much....but i was surprised to hear that they choose me to become the one of the finalists and present my artwork at the final presentation....also, i will be representing my university as the finalists are from utp and usm

so, on the 10th of october, i went to the final presentation with a nervous heart....of course im nervous because i never ever presented anything in a, this is my first.....but the nervousness suddenly dissapear when i got the mic....i dont know why im becoming very confident during my presentation and i got a few good comments from the judges....
during the presentation

but the competition was fierce....i cant even guess who will be the winner....and at the end of the day, i manage to win the 2nd runner up prize.....eventhough i didnt win, but i was purely satisfied with my performance and it is normal because usually people dont win with their first try, they learn from their experience....
2nd runner up is not that bad right...

im looking forward for the next year's competition and i will also try to improve my skills in photography and also presentation skills....thats all for now....until the next time....salam


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